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median price


-13.2% MTM
-5.0% YTY

home sales

+2.1% YTY

49.0% MTM
3.7% YTD

unsold inventory

2.8 Months

-12.5% MTM
33.3% YTY

med. time on market

41 Days

-2.4% MTM
10.8% YTY


median price


-1.7% MTM
-1.2% YTY

home sales

+17.5% YTY

14.3% MTM
7.9% YTD

unsold inventory

3.1 Months

10.7% MTM
14.8% YTY

med. time on market

45 Days



median price


8.0% MTM
16.6% YTY

home sales

+37.7% YTY

42.4% MTM
12.3% YTD

unsold inventory

3.9 Months

-22.0% MTM
-11.4% YTY

med. time on market

50 Days

-18.9% MTM
15.1% YTY

NAPA COUNTY April 2024

Whether you are preparing to sell the family home, liquidate an investment portfolio, sell an inherited property, or purchase a retirement home, Estate & Investment Realty Group goes beyond traditional real estate brokerage services. Our agents specialize in probate, trusts, conservatorship, and investment property sales, so you never have to worry about the expertise of the agent handling your real estate sale or purchase.

Estate & Investment Realty Group partners with families, attorneys, financial planners, and others involved in the decision-making process. The Probate process in California is more complex than in other states, which means you need a real estate brokerage that performs at a higher level of competency both legally and operationally. Because all of our agents are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, and our Managing Broker is a nationally recognized real estate and probate trainer, we have the depth and experience you need to ensure your real estate transaction is handled with the skill you need and deserve.

In addition, we offer exceptional expertise in investment properties and portfolios. Whether you’re looking to optimize the value of your current investment portfolio or are liquidating its assets, our team stands ready to create a seamless experience customized to your specific needs. Whether you are funding your retirement through a single investment property or are a seasoned investor managing numerous single-family or multi-family properties, we’re here to help.

Your property purchase, sale, or management requires a higher level of expertise than most residential real estate agents are equipped to provide. Work with Marin County’s industry leader, Chris J. Henry, and his team of specialists in order to ensure that every step of your real estate transaction is handled with competence, confidence, and professionalism.