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In an age of multi-tasking and generalists, few people can boast a true specialist’s depth of knowledge and expertise. Chris Henry is one of those rare people. A lifelong fascination with real estate has led to his decades-long process of refining and developing the skills and expertise that have made him one of the nation’s most sought-after experts in probate and trust-related real estate.

Early in his career, Chris recognized the burgeoning population growth among older Americans and foresaw the need for specialists in probate, trust, and senior transition sales. While other agents dismissed this group as a complicated niche market too small to serve, Chris developed the skills and expertise to truly be of help to these homeowners and their family members. He has spent more than a decade developing a sophisticated process that encompasses detailed research, cost-benefit analysis, targeted demographics, and a team of partners who can provide the services needed to help his clients with all of the management and refurbishment their properties might require.

In the process, Chris has become a national figure, training more than 1500 agents each year on how to better serve clients experiencing issues with probate, trusts, and senior transitions. He also founded Estate & Investment Realty Group to better consolidate the services required by this special group of homeowners and buyers.

Chris’s designations and certifications make him one of the most elite figures in California real estate. They include his candidacy for the coveted Certified Commercial Investment Member designation (CCIM) as well as the following:


California’s laws are unique, and settling an estate requires either a Probate Court process or a Living Trust. Despite the burdensome costs and process, 95% of inheritors settle estates through the probate process. Unfortunately, most real estate agents don’t understand and are not trained in the nuances of probate and trust real estate sales, putting heirs, properties, and buyers at risk.

At Estate & Investment Realty Group, we specialize in probate and conservatorship real estate sales, both of which proceed through the Probate Courts. In fact, all of our agents are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, and our Managing Broker is a nationally recognized real estate and probate trainer. That means we have the expertise and professional resources to work with personal, legal, and financial representatives, heirs, and other stakeholders to ensure an expedient and hassle-free real estate sales process.


Living Trusts allow homeowners to maintain control of their property while also ensuring that their estate is managed according to their directives upon death or infirmity. There are many benefits to the trust process, including the ability to plan tax relief strategies, reduce or eliminate probate and administrative expenses upon inheritance, and better plan for the distribution of property.

Although Trusts don’t require the same legal process and oversight as Probate, they require knowledgeable professionals and the ability to work seamlessly with Trustees, professional fiduciaries, and other stakeholders to ensure that the property is properly prepared for market, and that value is retained and maximized for a swift, beneficial disposition.


Having served as head of business development for Los Angeles County’s Number One-selling apartment team, Chris J. Henry has been involved in transactions ranging from beachside duplex bungalows to 351-unit mega properties. That experience gives him the insight and expertise you need when you are looking for guidance regarding the purchase, sale, management, or development of your multi-family residential property.

Whether you are a single-property Mom-and-Pop shop or a sophisticated professional investor group, you’ll find the insight you need to make the decisions that matter most to you and to your tenants. From optimizing the value of your current property holdings to evaluating the market for exciting investment opportunities, you’ll find everything you need right here.

In addition, Chris shares his expertise through an exclusive multi-family training experience, offered at no cost only twice each year. Reach out to us to be part of the next training opportunity.

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I interviewed a few agents before settling on Estate & Investment Realty Group. As the Trustee for my uncle’s estate, I wanted to work with someone who could help me with the real estate sale. Chris was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and I felt like I was in good hands throughout. He made the process much smoother than I anticipated. I highly recommend Chris and would definitely work with him again.
Walter P.
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Outstanding! That truly sums up our experience of working with Chris. He was excellent about communicating with us, providing answers, and the sale of our parent’s house was smooth and stress-free. He really understands probate, and we recommend him to others going through this process.
Rob C.
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The team at Estate & Investment Realty Group was very professional and went out of their way to help my Dad transition to living arrangements closer to me. Despite having deferred maintenance, Estate & Investment Realty Group marketed his property in a way that brought multiple offers. Their communication was always quick and candid. I’m always happy to refer others to Chris and the Estate & Investment Realty Group team.
Sarah Z.
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We don’t live in the area, but Estate & Investment Realty Group was referred to us. After discussing the details of my mother’s pending move to a care facility, Chris and the Estate & Investment Realty Group team put the pieces of the puzzle together. They helped facilitate an estate sale, landscapers, contractors, and others. What we thought was going to be a huge burden was much easier with the support of Chris and the team. Estate & Investment Realty Group was a really great partner and we definitely recommend them.
Dennis & Mary H.