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Whether you’re selling an investment property and need to complete long-overdue repairs or are looking to update an inherited property suffering from deferred maintenance, our property refresh service takes the headache and guesswork out of selling your property. From clean-out and haulaway services to rehab and renovation, put our expertise and experience to work for you.

We know what value-added improvements and upgrades catch the attention of buyers in your area. That’s why we offer hands-on services designed to ensure that your property goes on the market in tip-top shape. Why leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table by selling a property As-Is? We help you optimize the condition of your property so that buyers can see its true beauty and value.

Probate/Trust Training

Most people have no experience settling an estate and selling real estate via Probate or Trust. In many cases, you may only go through this process once or twice in a lifetime, even if you are experienced with other types of real estate transactions. Our Probate 101 training offers you insight on who’s involved in the process, what happens, what the timeline looks like, and when and how you can sell real estate. In addition, you’ll find out the latest on the property tax matters that are most relevant when selling real estate under these circumstances.

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Investment Real Estate Training

There are many real estate training programs designed to sell you on the potential of real estate investing -- without offering you any of the real-world, nuts-and-bolts information you need. Our training program teaches you the important metrics and variables at play when evaluating investment deals. By teaching you how to crunch the numbers -- and which numbers to crunch - we help you experience more success and more profitability, starting with your first deal.

Whether you are just getting started in real estate investing or are an experienced investor looking for new strategies, our complimentary investor training program offers the insight and expertise you need to make better decisions on every deal.

Whichever training you choose, you’re sure to find the information you need presented in a way that you can understand by some of the industries most accomplished professionals. Contact Us to schedule a private consultation or for more information.


In probate and conservatorship matters, the Court needs a valuation for the property. A “Probate Referee” will provide this valuation, but in order to do so they will need the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), photos, and information on comparable sales. We want to help you ensure the most streamlined process and the most accurate valuation, so we provide you with the information the Probate Referee needs to easily and accurately assign a value to the property.

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